We went to see  Splice last weekend. At first I didn’t think much of it, but a few days later, it hits me how much the movie contains! Human-animal hybrid, gender patterned parenting, gender dualism, fear of the unknown, fear of intersex, heteronormativity!

I am considering “switching”, but still, something is holding me back.  I’d love some comments on this, although I realize it’s hard to comment on such a thing.


5 Comments to “Splice?”

  1. Would you do a single analysis or a comparison with another text (film, or other)? And then, how would you analyse the text, what meth would you use?

    Do you think that Splice has more data than BSG, or at least would produce more interesting / more results?


    • That’s the thing, right now I have no idea. I need to get some reading done on how to analyze TV/popular culture, I have yet to decide on theory, etc, etc.

      BSG/Caprica and hybrids are connected to thirding-as-othering (for me) and postcolonial theory. I guess Splice could be too. I have to e-mail my supervisor and see if we can meet next week.

    • Also, I do fear that Splice would end up in psychoanalysis 😉

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