I’ve been sick over the last couple days and the work I needed to put into the finalization of my research proposal has been on hold… Until I got a mail from my supervisor yesterday evening. The deadline for submission isn’t until tomorrow, the 15th, but he suggested we’d get together and go through it. So, a meeting was set up for this morning at 11. Him, me, and Ingvil, my co-supervisor.

Sooo very nervous, even though I know I shouldn’t be – they’ve said that pretty much everything is accepted (if this is because everyone works enough on their proposal to get approved, or if they approve just about anything, remains unclear). Put in an hour last night (just a bit about methodology and analysis) and sent it on its way this morning.

Very happy when Ingvil told me the research question was very good! That pretty much made my day. She also commented on how I’ve “found” Toffoletti and said she’s one I can definitely use in my thesis. I was also led in the direction of Beauvoir, which I now see if obvious, but which I didn’t before. That’s good. Also Beudrillard, who I had made a mental note of, but not read much of or about because I wanted to ask for advice first.

The meeting didn’t last for more than maybe 15 minutes, as Cato thought it had to be more formal than it does, and Ingvil had to rush to another meeting.

Next supervision is October 1st, and a group-serupvision regarding methodology and theory. Hope to get some input then, because, man, I feel a little lost!

To do:

  • Draft: Table of content
  • Plot line

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