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November 4, 2010

The first page…

Was written today. Finally!

I’ve started writing about avatars, what they are, and what Caprica’s avatars are – holographic avatars representing the user, not the playable characters¬† of video games.

But I wonder, should this thesis be written in English? The show has not yet aired in Norway (and most likely never will), most/all relevant theory is in English and there is a better chance for any sort of recognition if it is published in English.

What are your thoughts?

September 28, 2010


After a few weeks of standstill, I’ve actually done something these past two days. Yesterday I started writing out the plot line. I didn’t start this last week, as I thought Bordwell and Thompson would have some tips on this in the Film Art, as my supervisor suggested. There might have been something in his book, but in the current edition, I didn’t find much. So, I guess are good ways of doing this, and less good ways. I’ve gone with a semi-functioning way. I understand now why Ingvil said I’ll have to do this over and over, cuz, man, it takes time! I know I am being too thorough, but I figure it’s better to get everything down in pixels and then formatting it, editing out the things I don’t need and such later.

And, it’s not like I haven’t done anything over the past couple of weeks, I just haven’t done as much as I’d like. I feel like I don’t really know where to begin. There’s to be a group seminar on Friday, though, so I hope to get some input then. Was told it’s be good if I could send something in beforehand, but I think the plotline documents are a bit too much. Maybe I can write a first draft of the table of contents tomorrow?